The Mystery of the Lost Cake is the first episode of the series Show. It was published on July 25, 2012.


Human Rack and wolf NH must find the mayor US's lost cake.


Rack and NH are in the kitchen, when mayor US calls them on their phone demanding the two to come to her office. The two do so, and wonder why they were ordered to come. US then explains it is because a cake she was about to eat disappeared mysteriously, and wants the two to find it for her. They reluctantly accept and go in the woods. After venturing for hours, there is no sign of the lost cake. However, a pony named FFF comes out of hiding revealing she is the cake thief. The three are about to battle, and FFF is defeated easily, but remarks she will return for revenge. The two then head back to the mayor's office and it is learned NH ate the cake due to hunger, proving the mission worthless. Then, US tells them she had another cake the whole time, and the reward the two were supposed to get (pens), were burnt by US hours before for putting ink on her. The two then leave, angered there work was for nothing.

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The transcript for the episode can be found here.





  • Name Idea by: New Heathera
  • Written by: Rackliffelikespurple


To New Heathera, Utter solitude and Finnfionnafan321 for being the inspirations to the corresponding characters.


Sorry if this isn't too good. Most first episodes usually are not as good compared to later ones.

Well, I hope you enjoyed it. I'll post the next one next week.