Spider Wolf is the fifth episode of Show. It was published August 22, 2012.


After being bitten by a spider, NH believes he is one himself.


A pack of spiders talk about what to do with NH, seeing as he killed all but the leader in their last encounter. One of the spiders suggest biting him to make him believe he is one of them while absorbing his plans to rule the world. The leader loves the idea and sends the particular spider out to bite him. The spider succeeds, and NH suddenly gets the craving to eat insects. He enjoys eating one, and decides to sleep on a web, made with Rack's clothes. He then corrects himself by saying "NH the spider", meaning the brainwashing is beginning. The next morning, Rack discovers the bizarre things NH is doing, but pays it no mind. Eventually, US gets a "feeling" of what's happening, and alerts Rack NH has been brainwashed by a spider. Rack finds this hard to believe at first but concludes this explains NH's strange behavior. Back to the spiders, the machine to picture NH's evil plots is not working and the spider that bit him believes he is NH, annoying the spiders and making them regret this. Back to the gang, Rack and US decide to test NH. NH insists he is a spider and eventually traps them in silk. Now free, NH meets the spiders, and wanting to come over, kills them all in the process, thus making the brainwash wear off. Rack and US beg NH to let them free, but NH feels "they'll be fine."

Character AppearancesEdit


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To New Heathera and Utter solitude for being the inspirations to the corresponding characters, and for also helping me write the episode.


  • The Chicagoan spider that bit the real NH and started the whole idea.
  • NH for being the victim of the spider and helping with the episode.
  • The Invader Zim episode "GIR Goes Crazy and Stuff", mainly the "Squidman" parts, giving me ideas.


I really like this one. It was kinda challenging to write, but still very fun. Thanks again NH and US. Thanks for reading!

Promo For Next EpisodeEdit

  • US: Raclk, how much for the doggie?
  • Rack:.......... What?
  • US: Your dog. How much for it?
  • Rack:..........How much ya got?
  • NH: I am not a dog!