The Mystery of the Lost CakeEdit

Human Rack and wolf NH must find the mayor US's lost cake.

Why Rack Does Stuff for USEdit

We learn why Rack helps US with things, but things go bad when a fight happens.

NH Rules All/TranscriptEdit

NH falls asleep, and dreams about ruling the world.

Stories of RandomnessEdit

Rack Goes BadEdit

Tired of being treated unfairly for doing good deeds, Rack decides to go "bad".

What Does She Do, Anyway?Edit

The viewers get a glimpse of what US does in a day.

The SquirrelEdit

At the park, NH tries to catch a squirrel.

Spider WolfEdit

After being bitten by a spider, NH believes he is one himself.

Can't You Just Fetch?Edit

After NH is mistaken for a dog, Rack puts NH in a dog show.

The Toast Burner of DoomEdit

After a failed invention makes NH have "toasting" powers, he uses them to burn all the toast in the town.

Fighting with WolvesEdit

When NH needs to find people to help him rule the town, he finds a pack of wolves but trouble ensues when they try to take over the town hall.

Are You Serious?Edit

When Rack, US, NH realize that their bodies are switched and begin to change into the person they've switched with, they go and try to find the person who is responsible.


The power goes out and they try to have fun in the dark.

Fail BrickEdit

While Rack takes US around the town, NH creates a "fail brick" and rides around trying to ruin US Day.

Race of the IdiotsEdit

US and NH go against each other in a election to become the next mayor of USville.

NH and this Other WolfEdit

When NH meets a pink wolf named Kait, Rack gets upset and US spies on her for him.

Ghosty DoomEdit

US invites Rack, NH and Rig to her Halloween party and they go around town doing various Halloween related activities.

The Tale of a WolfEdit

The crew are on a plane which is going to Denver to get more bacon popcorn and they share stories.