NH Rules All is the third episode of the series Show. It was published on August 8, 2012.


NH falls asleep, and dreams about ruling the world.


Rack and NH have an argument, and when it is over, NH is tired. He then falls asleep and is in a dream. In the dream, he finds out he is the ruler of the world. NH then orders his slaves to his bidding, such as giving him a megaphone or feeding him. NH is then broad-casted on television, NH officially declares the world as New Heathera. An unknown figure watches the broadcast, and finds out it is someone he knew from the past. This unknown person turns out to be Rack, attempting to kill NH for amputating one of Rack's arms and killing US. Rack then decides not to kill him, and walks away. His slaves question if NH did those things, with NH denying. The slaves are convinced what he did was true, and are about to kill him. NH then wakes up, but decides to go back to sleep.

Character AppearancesEdit


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  • Written by: Rackliffelikespurple


To New Heathera for being the inspiration to his character.


I like this one much better than the last. I'm REALLY excited for next week's ep though!

Promo For Next EpisodeEdit

  • Deputy Mayor: Miss US, miss US, miss US! Wake up!
  • US: I don't wanna go to school today mom....
  • Deputy Mayor: I'm not your mom. Wake up!
  • US: I don't wanna go, Justin will beat me up for my lunch money at recess...