Can't You Just Fetch? is the sixth episode of Show. It was published on August 29, 2012.


Rack enters NH into a dog show in hopes of cheering him up, but it does the opposite.


After watching a commercial for a dirt store, Rack takes a reluctant NH with him to buy some. NH has a terrible time at the store, and Rack makes it worse by embarrassing him by showing pictures of a young NH. When it becomes clear NH is in a bad mood, Rack tries finding out, but with no success. Rack reads a magazine, and finds out a dog show is being held today. Rack, thinking NH is a dog, enters him in it, infuriating NH, trying to tell him he is a wolf, but Rack doesn't listen. The two practice until it's time to go to the dog show. When it's time, the two go to it, and NH does surprisingly well. He wins the dog show, and it is here that Rack realizes he is not a dog, but believes he is a fox, and entered him into the "fox show", prompting NH to bang his head on a table.

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To New Heathera and Utter solitude for being the inspirations to their corresponding characters.


I like this one, but it was kinda difficult for me to write. The next one is one that will really be good.